I'm having several problems with my plumbing. House is connected to city sewer system. Problem started 1 week ago.
- While flusing the toilet, bubbles comes up from the bowl. Sometimes it requires 2-3 flushes... and sometimes it overflows.
- When I continue to flush and/or use plunger - the water backups into the bathtub.
- Looking at the cleanout(s): The both 4 inch tubes are filled. I had a plummer come out -- and he stated that the problem was with the cleanout that is from the house to the city's main. He used a auger - and pulled out some strands of root... and the water in the lateral sewer pipe cleared.
- That evening - the problem returned... called the plummer the next morning and he came out and augered the pipe again -- a little moer root strands came out -- and the water from the clean out drained.
- Two days later - same problem. This time he augered "further" and got a good chunk of root.
** However, I still get bubble coming from my toilet bowl. And when I look in the cleanout(s), both are filled... but eventually drains out.
** What is the problem -- a) is there more roots in the laterals? b) Is there secondary problems in the lines in the house (clogged toilet/laundry line)?
** I'm planning to call the plummer again for the fourth (4th) time.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.