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    Jun 28, 2006, 07:29 PM
    Pipe leaking
    Hi, I am new here so please bear with me. My question is what pipe could be leaking in my upstairs master bathroom? My shower is in a u shape, my shower head is on the open end by the sliding doors and the wall is fiberglass stuff and the flat wall is tile and the bottom foot of it caved in and is all wet, the wood and all. I noticed my shower pressure is not great and my ceiling in my downstairs living room is getting wet, just below the shower wall. I am a single female and not sure who to call or what to say or ask. Do you think this is something my homeowners insurance might cover.I also think that if you push on the fiberglass shower head wall it feels really mushy too... Thanks
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    Jun 28, 2006, 09:12 PM
    Tammi... in our area we have people that call themselves by different name such as "Honey Do Man" or "Rent A Husband" , etc. These people are good in several different occupations. They might be able to solve you problem with the tile wall as well as some of the other things. They ae not suppose to do any plumbing work unless that are licened to do plumbing but many do. Get some refferences from past customers before you let them do any work and do not pay them any money until you are satisfied with the job. If they are worried about getting their money they can either have you sign a lien or they can just not do the work... Don't get cheated.
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    Jun 29, 2006, 05:17 AM
    Hi Tammi,

    "my shower is in a u shape, my shower head is on the open end by the sliding doors and the wall is fiberglass stuff and the flat wall is tile and the bottom foot of it caved in and is all wet, the wood and all."

    Most shower leaks come from bad tile grout or a break in the wall where the shower stream hits it. It sounds like your leak's coming from the part of the wall that's caved in.
    I would check my homeowners insurance to see if you're covered but in any resoects get the wall repaired.

    " i noticed my shower pressure is not great"

    Try this, Unscrew and remove the shower head. Look just below the threads. If you see a rubber washer with holes around the edge then that's a "water saver". Pry it out and toss it and reinstall the shower head.
    Pressure better now? Good luck, Tom

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