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    Oct 27, 2012, 01:57 AM
    So last night my husband and I was laying in bed and we heard someone walking in our bathroom and then a creepy sound then our water in the bathroom cut itself on after we turned the light on it cut off... Any answers?
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    Oct 27, 2012, 06:08 AM
    Ahhhh! The dreaded potty monster, a fearful sound in the middle of the night. Terror in the toilet so to speak. In order to nail this down, I need a little information. Is the sound worse when the flush goes down or when the tank fills? Is this a first or second floor john? And does your water pressure fluctuate with the season? Are you on city sewer or a septic tank?Click on back with the info and we will try to muzzle that cantankerous commode : Yes, it is a dreadful sound and sometimes it lasts for a full minute!
    A long time ago I had a call with symptoms like yours, Onle this one kicked in at 3 in the AM and scared hell out of the customers. It was hard the track down because the water picked up the vibration and carried it throughout the house. We call that sympathetic viberation. I want you to do this. Take the tank lid off and flush. Wait until you hear the noise and then take the float rod and push it down and lift it up gently. Does the noise change or stop? If it does then the culprit is the washer in the ballcock viberating against the seat when the ballcock is just about ready to shut off. Try it and get back to me.
    : the noise changes when you move the float rod,it stops if you pull up on it. The guts are all new in this toilet. I have also tried turning the water shut-off valve way down to nothing.
    The culprit is the ballcock. If you can't stop it by controlling the pressure than Shut off the shut off valve and remove the three screws holding the top and pull out the washer assenbly. Now with your hand held over the opening to prevent splash just crack the shut off valve enough to flush out any trash that may be logged in the supply tube. Reassamble and check again. While you have the lid off check the flat part of the flapper, it it has any wavey edges replace it. Also the linkage chain should have 1/4" of play when the tank is filled. If it is tighter then that loosen the linkage until you have the desired play. Thanks again for rating me. TOM

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