Hello all - -

I am new to this site, and want to say thank you in advance. I'm frustrated and would appreciate any feedback.

OK... here goes. So my boyfriend and I just bought a place in Leadville CO about a month and a half ago. It was built in 69 and has a septic system. Our home inspector seemed to think that everything was OK with the septic but did not do any in-depth tests, he just ran the water in every sink, the shower, and the dishwasher for about an hour. There is only one bathroom in the house. So that brings you to speed. Now, here's the problem:

First and foremost, we noticed that when the washing machine is running through it's cycle water backs up into the shower. Not a ton of water and it drains fine. Then, this last Thursday and Friday I noticed that a.> the toilet water was low b.> the toilet was bubbling. I noticed (heard) the bubbling while I was in the shower. After that, it bubbled when I flushed the toilet. It didn't bubble constantly though. Then, late on Friday night, the toilet backed up and would't go down. My boyfriend plunged the hell out of the system and the water went down a little, where you could flush the toilet and the bowl would fill to the brim and slowly drain. Then, on Sat morning I went to take a shower and the shower was a quarter full of icky water.

My boyfriend then took the toilet out of the bathroom, causing the bathtub to drain all over onto the bathroom floor through the main drain. He went under the house and couldn't find what he called a "trap." So he snaked through the large toilet hole with a small household snake. Nothing happened. He then rented a snake through Home Dept. And when he was snaking he'd hit a certain point and every time the thing would go up into the vent. So nothing happened there.

Like I stated earlier, I am frustrated and really really need a shower! Any help would be much much appreciated:)