Im a newbee here so if I don't ask something correctly let me apologize ahead of time. I have a question regarding my pressure tank having no water in it. We have a 190 ft well, with submersible pump. We noticed that the house water pressure dropped so I went into the basement and found the contacts on the square d switch stuck closed, I cleaned them, however they stayed closed and might I mention the pressure gauge reads around 10psi. So I replaced switch with new switch and its contacts would not close at all. I also checked the air pressure of the drained tank and it did check to be holding air at 28-29psi. I ended up putting the old switch back on so that at least we can have water in the house, however we use the main breaker to turn water on/off as needed (wow what a pain). No to sum up what seems to be happening, water entering house at approx. 10psi, water is never filling the pressure tank , and water go to source wherever needed. Help, what are some reason's for no water entering bladder? Thank you, Marci :eek: