The main cold water inlet pipe broke on top of the water heater,and flooded my floor before I could shut it off ,got it fixed and now have no running water in kitchen facuet but have it in the bathroom and in the shower,hot and cold. We have a home built back in the 40's and most of the plumbing is metal pipe. I'm really confused at this after spending all that cash on parts for repair and still have no water in the kitchen facuet,none please!

Well it's a cheap brand replacement faucet, 3 years old tried all of the above it has two handles still when I turn on both no pressure ,period. Plumber time! Thanks for the info.

OK I got some help from speedball, but that didn't work either. The main cold water inlet pipe broke on top of the hot water heater,I shut it off a the water nain, fixed the pipe just the same way it was before ,I didn't change anything. Took the faucet apart cleaned it out and the areaator too. All of it. I have excellent water pressure in the bathroom ,tub,sinks hot and cold. The water heater is about 30 ft from the bathroom. The kitchen sink is 8ft from the hot water heater. The home was built in the 40's and most of the water lines are gavanized pipe. So could something have disloged inside of the pipe to the kitchen faucet and totally stopped it up? The hot water line is copper,and the cold is metal pipe.somebody didn't know what they were doing when they hooked this up .this was changed out in 1994, so anybody else have any ideas?