This all started yesterday morning. When I woke up the water pressure in the house was fine, but as I showered my kids it slowly dwindled down to nothing but a drip! If someone needs to take a shower or wash a load of laundry, we have to keep ALL faucets off for a pretty long time, at LEAST an hour, to be able to get enough water to shower.

Once the faucets have been off for a while, the pressure is pretty good, almost normal, but within minutes the water either runs out or the pressure gets so low it basically trickles.

We did have our well pump replaced about 2ish weeks ago, along with a pipe that had several holes in it. Immediately after the pump and pipe replacement, the water worked fine, but now, 2 weeks later, we're having problems again.

Any help would be appreciated as I cannot afford to have someone out here after having to pay for the pump replacement. Thank you so much!