My wife and I woke up this morning to no running water at all in our house - as a matter of fact, no water flows from the water bib at the front of the house where water enters the house. We live in Phoenix and did have a very cold spell last night, so I suspect a frozen pipe between the house and the main city line. The strange thing is that both of my neighbors on either side of me have full pressure coming out of their water bibs. To make things even more interesting, our hot water heater tank in the garage is completely empty (I discovered this by tapping on it only to hear a hollow echo and when I fully opened the valve at the bottom of the tank, I only got a few dribbles to come out).

Any help would be appreciated... I guess I could wait until mid-afternoon to see what happens, however it seems very strange that my house is the only one affected and that the hot water heater drained itself.

Thanks in advance!