Hi, I have some concerns about my natural spring under my house and wanted to see if anyone could help me out.

First of all, the house if 5 years old. When we moved in 1 year ago, we bought it as a foreclosure, so we did not know anything about any previous information about it, and there was not water in the basement. As time went on my pump seemed to be going on once every 5-10 minutes.

My house it in the city, and yard really has not slope. As it is really flat all around. There was a tile put in when the house was built, but since the tile has no slope it fills up with water after and hour and makes a pond like area around where it enters and discharges.

This spring, I placed a 55 gal water tank outside my house, to use the water for my lawn and so forth. However, to my surprise it only takes the 55 gallon tank about 20-30 minutes to fill up. My pump and sprinkler could go 24/7 if I let it.

I live in Minnesota, so we do have very cold winters here.

Any advice on what I can do with the water, or who I should contact about this problem?

Thank you!

Just a quick add on note. My house it not near any streams, rivers, or lakes. And the ground around the house does not have any sink holes, or is it rapidly settling anywhere that I can see.

So, far it is just present through the amount of water the house pumps out from the sump pump basket.