Washing machine drain backed up, also backed up into kitchen sink prior to being completely stopped up, called plumber, used snake (through roof pipe), went approx. 20 ft. & hit mud, pulled snake out (showed my husband it was mud, not grease), said call insurance, insurance sent out plumbing/slab foundation specialist to scope the lines, they said dirty water in lines,couldn't see anything, they ran a snake and pushed the mud blockage through clearing the line, did static test approx. 10 minutes, indicated leak, water dropped. They fixed 2 leaks (1 right under each commode), they fixed both leaks and did another static test (watched it for 20 minutes) and it didn't drop (we live in Greenville, Texas and the soil is called "blackland" and turns to hard clay when wet). The specialist never fixed any pipe in the location (under the slab) the first plumber indicated as the blockage. Plumbing specialist said there wasn't a leak, insurance won't fix. I asked where the mud came from? No answer, why did the specialist not run the scope to the blockage point, find out what the issues were and THEN run the snake and push the blockage through, then bust the concrete and look at the pipe. Note the house was built in 1963 and has the old metal pipes. Was 20 minutes long enough for the static test to be watched for the water level to drop to show a leak or because of the clay, hard blackland soil should they have waited longer?