Hello, I've got a problem with my shower water temp. When I turn my shower on and turn the knob to all the way hot it produces nice hot water for about 2 seconds then turns to luke warm. Sometimes it won't even go hot for the few seconds and just gets Luke warm immediately. All the other faucets in the house produce nice extremely hot water. I have a moen single handle moentrol faucet. The push/pull kind. I have take. Out the old cartridge and replaced it with a new one to no avail. Still Luke warm water at best. I've read about a scald guard and adjusting it but have no idea where to find the scald guard. Is that just another name for the cartridge that I replaced? If so, how do I adjust it. If not, where the heck is the scald guard? I've also tried rotating the cartridge 180 degrees and that just made it so cold is the left and hot to the right when rotating the handle. If anyone knows what I'm talking about or has experienced the same problm and was able to fix it... Please help!! Thanks ahead of time!