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    Feb 3, 2011, 03:03 PM
    Moen push/pull crystal faucets hard to push/pull
    Hi. I have Moen crystal looking single facuets (I don't like) that are about 7 years old, came with the new house. They started getting dirty and so I took the handles off and cleaned them with soap and a scum cleaner and used a screwdriver to get some of the "plaque" out. Now, even after spraying everything down with WD40 they are all hard to push and pull. What have I done? Any Help will be appreciated, I don't know anything about plumbing.
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    Feb 3, 2011, 03:47 PM

    Call 1-800-Buy MOEN. Tell them what you have. Get a new free cartridge.
    Turn water off. Remove handle, remove chrome sleeve.It just slides off. Remove little U shaped clip that holds cartridge in. Pull out cartridge. It may be a little difficult to pull out. If so, put handle back on and use it to pull cartridge out. If you can't pull cartridge out with handle you will have to purchase a Moen cartridge puller. Available at Home Depot.

    After removing old cartridge install new cartridge. When installing new cartridge, do so with it in the open position. That is pull the stem out and press the cartridge body down into the valve. Reinstall the little U shape clip. Put chrome sleeve back on. Put handle back on. Turn water on. If water comes out reversed, that is the hot comes out when turned to cold and the cold comes out when turned to hot, remove handle, turn stem 180 degrees and reinstall handle.

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