I have been in my house about a year and a half. It was built in 2005. We noticed after the first month, that the water smelled like mildew in our downstairs bathroom. If we let the water run for about 10-15 seconds, the smell would be gone. We thought it was kind of strange, but none of our other faucets did it. Over a year later, several faucets do it... Kitchen sink, master bathroom... I have also discovered that if I let the water run until it doesn't smell anymore then put it in like a spray bottle, after a few days, the water in the bottle is smelly. We also have a hot tub, which of course we put chemicals in. We can drain... then refill the hot tub, put all the appropriate chemicals in it to balance the water and never get it it... Cover the hot tub and a few days later the water will be smelly. I understand that you need to add chemicals to hot tubs to keep them balanced, but this seems a little ridiculous. I personally haven't spoken to any of my neighbors, to see if they are experiencing the same thing. I work crazy hours and sad enough to say, haven't really gotten to know any of them. If you could shed some light on this subject for me, it would greatly be appreciated.