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    Nov 25, 2006, 08:57 PM
    Methane?sewage odor
    I'm new here. I have a methane/sewage smell in my utility room. This room has my water heater and furnace as well as my washer/dryer. I usually smell this odor when my furnace comes on. The furnace is sitting on a metal box and when I smell under the box when the furnace is on I am able to tell that the smell is originating from beneath the box. Please help me. What is causing this smell? I also have little black moth like flying bugs around the house. Please help.

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    Nov 25, 2006, 09:17 PM
    There is probobly a hole somewhere in your waste line.

    The furnace is most likley pulling the odor to it via its air return. The culprit pipe could also be close to the furnace.

    These bugs you are talking about I have seen to, however I have only seem them around an open sewer line, or vent stack on a roof. They literally look like baby flies, no?

    I would get this fixed ASAP, the sewer gas could have methane gas present in it, this is a flammible gas, the pilot in your furnace or water heater could ignite the gas, then you have a real disaster on your hands.

    If I were you, I would turn the furnace off, extingush all pilots and open flames. Without the furnace running, close off any possible draft to the house and sniff around, try to find the source. Check toilets, your washing machine drain, utility sink, etc...

    The other possibility is a dead critter somewhere. Maybe down in the air return of the furnace. But always look for the worst until you find the answer. You don't want to take comfort thinking it's a dead critter while having methane gas building up in your house.

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