We have recently moved to an apartment that had the (two) bathrooms renovated before we moved in. The renovation was done in such a way that it made the bathrooms worse than they were before we moved in. For starters, they put in all non-standard elements: sink, tub, toilet, faucets. We can't find a toilet seat that fits (it is round but 17in instead of 16.5in). We cannot attach a handheld shower head because the shower arm that comes out of the wall is 7/8in instead of 1/2in, and I can go on and on. The most troubling of all is that they seem to have installed a pressure regulating valve into the wall before they put the new tiles on the wall. The amount of water that comes out of the shower is absolutely insufficient to feel good about your shower and let alone clean yourself in a rush.

We have offered to redo the bathrooms with our own money, but this being "faculty housing", we are not allowed to touch anything. Even the maintenance people are not allowed to change anything.

I have two (OK, four-five) questions:
(a) Who ever came up with the pressure regulating valves that make the pressure so low that it makes the bathroom unusable? Is this a regulation that it must be obeyed? I understand that you want the pressure regulated, but it should be regulated within the acceptable range - not to such a low level that you makes the water drip in a shower.

(b) Is there anything I can do in my situation? How much it would cost to replace the valve - given that the tiles would have to be removed? Are there plumbers who would be willing to do this even if it would be illegal? (I actually don't know that legality status of this, but I am just guessing - I would love to find out, though)