I think I've screwed up. Last night I replaced a faucet in my kitchen. In order to get to the cold supply line I very slightly bent a copper tube out of the way. That tube is attached to my instant hot on one end and a saddle valve on the other.

The end where the copper tube goes into the saddle valve began to leak. Figuring that I unseated the copper tube somehow, I wend to turn off the water supply to the sink. Turns out the idiot who installed it (previous homeowner) put it in before the shutoff. Now I have to turn the water off to the house in order to try to fix the damn thing.

Anyway - I did that. Undid the nut where the tube goes into the valve, re-bent the tube to try to get it straight into the valve and then tightened the nut. This turned what was a gentle drip into an all out spray.

Water has been off since last night. Thought I'd check here to see if it is something a mere mortal can fix.

Ideas - Please