My kitchen sink is clogged. Garbage disposal. Double basin sink, both sides filled with water. Will not plunge (covered one side with plunger and plunged the heck out of other side: nothing). If I turn on the disposal the water drains out of the one side and fills the other, when I turn it off they fill up equally. It might be my imagination but now it seems like my upstairs tub drained slower than usual tonight. My father-in-law says you're not supposed to use your garbage disposal and they sometimes have to dig up all your pipes over clogs like this. Really, you can't use it?? Anyway, I haven't tried Drain-O yet, almost ready to take the pipes apart and check that P trap. My house was built 5 years ago. I don't put grease down the disposal but probably use it daily, much to my father-in-law's chagrin.