Hello my problem is driving me crazy.. for the past year I have paid a plumber over and over again to replace the sprayer on my kitchen sink.. last few times I have bought the most expensive sprayers possible hoping they would last longer. But NOPE ! One of the plumbers told me after replacing the sprayer the last time that some diverter? ( I think he said ) is causing my problems.. Because there is too much water pressure on my sprayer and causing them to start leaking after only a month or so after replacing them.. the last time I replaced the sprayer myself and heck this time it started leaking only after about a week.. Everything is put together right and tightened properly.. Well today a steady spray mist of water started coming out of the sprayer when you turn the water on in the sink.. I am talking when you haven't even tried to turn the sprayer on it is spraying a mist of water.. I have had it ! Please help ! I can't afford to have a plumber come out right now and I can't do without my sprayer.. What is diverter ? And why would a diverter in the fuacet make the sprayer leak ?
Thanks for any help you can give me :)