My kitchen ceiling has a wet patch which I think is due to my shower leaking. I have a bath/shower all in one and after using it today have noticed a dripping stain on my kitchen ceiling. Our shower screen broke and has been leaning against the bath for the past month and there is always a puddle of water beneath it after the shower has been used - could this account for the leak through to the kitchen ceiling? The bathrom floored is tiled so I do not see how it could become water saturated - could the water leak to the ceiling below through the toilet basin or toilet pipe? I am worried this could occur again and result in the kitchen ceiling collapsing. Is it a matter of sealing all around the pipes, basin and bath or do you think the actual kitchen ceiling needs replaced?
Or would a shower curtain definitely prevent this? Pleasse advise, I am extremely worried an d would appreciate any thoughts on the matter