I’m in the process of installing a fiberglass shower unit in a new basement bathroom, but am somewhat stumped regarding how to attach the drain to the shower and then to the PVC pipe.

The floor is concrete and I have 2” PVC rough in for the shower. Once I cut the PVC to the correct height, and move the shower into place, there will not be enough room to access anything from below.

I have gone to HD and purchased the drain assembly. It is made to glue on to the 2”PVC and has washers, and a nut on the bottom. If access were not an issue, I would assume that you would insert the drain in the base of the shower and then secure it with the nut from below, and then glue in your pvc drain pipe.

I guess my question is, can this drain be used without the nut? Meaning I move the shower into place and the prime and glue the pipe and drain, and then just push it into place in the shower and onto the pipe?

The only alternative would be to install the drain, with the nut, into the shower before moving the shower into place. Put then I would need to lift the entire until up and down on to the pipe. This does not seem practical….or very easy.

Or is there another type of drain I should look for?

Thanks for your input!