We are trying to install a shut off valve as a temporary fix to a broken faucet, not being paid till the first and needing this taken care of. My toddler was in the bathtub when I went to turn off the hot water and the faucet shot off the wall, along with gallons of water like a geiser, we had to shut it off at the main water supply since looking in the access panel we found there was none. We were going to fix it by replacing the seat and the washer, but it's an old house and it needs to be replaced as the seat is coroded in the pipe. My husband was wanting to do a temporary fix to get us through without having to have the main shut off and the valve is still leaking when he has installed it. We can live the two weeks without the hot water for the bathtub but we need the water in the rest of the house and the hotwater for dishes and laundry too! Is their a way to even seal off if necessary the supply while we're waiting for payday?