Hi. I need to replace an upstairs sink hot water valve to a sink. I found and turned off the water to the house on the outside of the house. It did turn down the water pressure but never shut the water off completely, and all the household faucets would still provide both hot and cold water...
Is the outside valve not shutting all the way? I was advised not to crank it open or closed too forcefully or it might break, so I didn't close it tight- could it still be open enough to provide water thruout the house?
Do I need to drain the hot water heater if I want to work on the hot water side of the pipes?
I am trying to replace the sink hot water valve because it is a one piece design with the hose to the sink pressed on to the currrent valve- I want to install a normal valve and separate hose to sink so that I can install a Y splitter to feed a Bidet off the hot water side of the sink- the cold water side has a normal valve that allows it to have a Y connector installed on the other side of the valve to feed the bidet cold water.
It is an add on bidet and connects to the toilet seat itself.
Thank you!