I have a tub that has enough of my wife's hair in the drain that it doesn't drain fast enough during a shower, and it doesn't hold water during my kids bath.

My primary question is, how the heck do I remove the drain stopper on this style tub? It seems to have become a more common stopper because in the last 2 homes I've owned (1998 & 2001), they both have this style drain stopper. You drop the stopper by spinning it about a half turn and it falls into the drain.

Unfortunately, with my wife's hair in the drain, it can't quite drop down all the way, hence water leaking out during a bath. And of course with the drain being partially clogged, it doesn't drain water fast enough to keep up with a shower. The worst of both worlds!!

SO, can I remove the drain stopper? It would make it much easer to use a plunger on it, which has always worked beautifully for me. If not, can somebody suggest a way to clear my clogged drain?