New member looking for some advice. I recently bought my first home, and today I opened my swimming pool for the first time. I was thinking about filling the pool with my well water, which would require my well pump to run 24/7 for at least a few days I would think (pretty big pool)... is this a bad idea?

Also, after running the hose for about an hour the water pressure in the house was terrible. I turned the hose off and the pressure gague on the tank in the house has been slowly climbing over the last hour or so. Once the well pump kicks on how long should it take for the pressure in the tank to get back up the roughly 40psi cut off? I'm trying to figure out if I may have some kind of problem with my pump... i.e. low flow rate or something.



P.S. My well is over 600ft deep, will the depth of the pump have an effect on how quickly it will refill the pressure tank in the house?