OK. I searched and read sevral other posts on similar subjects but am still confused.
We are considering buying a property that has a well that when you draw cold water directly from well has a faint sulfur smell. Hot water from water heater is even worse smell. Some orange staining. A water test showed us we had lead, arsenic, and nitrates well under acceptable levels, test did not find coliform present but we did our own tests for hardness=17 GPG, PH=7.5, iron= .4 ppm, manganese=0, no iron bacteria, TDS=330 ppm and sample visually looks clear

but we didn't have a test done yet to test for hydrogen sulfide or sulfur bacteria as they need a fixative on-site to test for it, as the smell dissipates after a draw is taken. I am concerned because I've read that if the cause of the sulfur odor is the bacterial source, a water softener with salt can actually feed the bacteria and make it worse. I've also read that a chlorine shock of the well can fix the problem, but is that a temporary or long-term fix? I am also wary of buying what the local water guy wants to sell me since it seems a conflict of interest to test my water and then sell me something, and I have a history of being too trusting and getting ripped off. I simply do not want to buy a home where I'll take a shower and smell like sulfur or my home will smell or my fixtures and laundry will stain, but this deal is 7/8 finished and I really want to try to make it work if there is a solution I can trust and know what to expect. I am used to being able to drink my tap water. I've always had and don't mind hard water, but smelly water is another story. Will a charcoal filter help? How about an aerator? If you give an answer and need more info, I'll do my best to get it, but also please answer on if the solution you give me is a temporary fix or long term fix and if I need to do monthly maintenance or whatever to keep the long-term fix going. Again, I'm used to water I don't have to work for (turn on a tap and drink it--no buying/hauling chemicals into my home)