Hi... I have a deep water well (130 ft, 25 y/o) with one-yr old 3/4 hp 13 gpm submersible pump, feeding a Well Saver LPT52, controlled by typical sw/ set at 50/70. This is a low volume, slow recovery well, yet I use it to feed 10 lawn hydrants on my property (max 2 at-a-time). When I pulled the old pump last year, I replaced the Sched 80 sectionals with continuous roll 1" black pipe. I also replaced a WellTrol WX-202 with the Well Saver, although there was nothing wrong with it other than size. Research on the web indicates I may need to install intermediate capacity to prevent rapid cycling of the pump. Any comments? If I am to install extra capacity, how much? What else will I need? Perhaps a plumbing diagram source? Thanks for any assistance. BTW, I live in middle TN, not AZ.