Hi everyone,

I recently purchased a shower from home depot. When I installed (no previous experience) according to instruction the drain leaked! I tightened, I re-did, I losened.. always leaked. Always leaked around the drain (the abs piping I did was OK, didn't leak, it was the outer shell that was leaking).

So frusturated. This is a "no-caulk" shower base. It has a plastic base premade, with metal support so a mortar bed is not needed. Obviously, this shower is made for the "do it yourself" person... but no.. It sucks because it leaks!

Anyway, I read this forumn and found much help. I installed the drain according to information found in this forumn and it worked first time. Many thanks!

Here is what the manufacturer said to do. Place rubber gasket ABOVE the base, no caulk, hand tighten only. Specifically sais no caulk and hand tighten.

If you do this by manufacturer's instruction it will leak! I guarantee you!

So instead, follow speedball's direction.

Use caulk. Put the rubber gasket under base, followed by fiber gasket, followed by large plastic lock nut.

No leak, and your wife think you a hero (thx speedball)

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