I need to seal off a floor drain in my basement. My problem is unique: I have two floor drains (one in the furnace room, which will remain functional, and one in a section of basement which ONCE had a golf-cart garage door, which I want to seal.) I have removed the "garage door," and built a fully insulated wall to make the room into a "kennel" for my show dogs. Therefore the floor drain is no longer needed. WORSE YET, if a puppy pees, it runs downhill into the floor drain. I would rather clean up the occasional spill with a mop, but because of the floor drain, the urine drains into the "trap" and just sits there and smells. It also is a retrofitted Radon drain, which means very poor drainage. The bottom line: I want to seal it off so urine never goes into it. The room is DRY and finished, and otherwise perfect. How do I properly seal it off (it's in the middle of the room, so solutions must fit the floor)?