My home was built in 1986. The masteroon has a one piece fiberglass shower stall. One day I noticed that the bedroom carpet outside the walls that surround the shower was wet. After further inspection I found mold under the carpet and it will have to be replaced.
Apparnetly, water leaked from the shower drain. I removed the white shower drain cover and under it is a black flat round plastic seal about one inch wide. The inside of the black plastic seal appears perforrated. Apparently it broke away from a seal around the drain pipe. When we showered, some of the water went down outsise the drai pipe, into the floor and through the walls. I've exhausted my search for a drain kit. Is there a kit available or do I have to remove the entire stall? I do lots of handy shores around the house, replacing leaky faucets, toilets, etc. However, a leaking shower drain is my first experience and I need help. Thank you.