I am trying to remove the diverter from my waltec tub and shower system. I have replaced the cartridges for both hot and cold water in the past years as my sons tend to crank the knobs.(okay no jokes about that please.. they are boys) Well the shower knob has come off and they have been using a pair of pliers to pull to open the flow for the shower. Smarty pants me has found the waltec diverter but upon trying to remove the casing (for lack of better word) will not loosen an when I turn it the entire components move. I turned and turned and seem to get no where after 10 minutes of it. Is there a trick or a necessary step I am missing.. i.e... the removal of the casing so access to the diverter itself is needed. I called a home hardware store.. alas.. got some advice but now I am leery that if I yank on it and break something I will not be able to turn my water back on. Any help greatly appreciated.