For quite awhile now I have noticed a strong smell coming from my dishwasher, it happens at the beginning of the cycle. It is sort of like a rotten egg smell. I noticed that there is a little water in the very bottom of the dishwasher after I run it, I'm not sure how long the water has not been draining out completely, sorry. I took the bottom rack out today and took the nuts out of the filter at the bottom. I found the most disgusting stuff on the other side of the filter. It was like a black and green sponge. I scraped it off and cleaned the fliter, there was also another piece, a second filter maybe, in the dishwasher drain. I pulled that out and cleaned it off. Now I have a square hole where the dishwasher drains out that is full of water. I am assuming the drain has build-up in it and it needs a good cleaning. What would you suggest to clean it out? I just ran something called "Dishwasher Magic" through and empty cycle but it didn't do anything. What can I safely put in my dishwasher to clean out this build up? Do they make something like drano or liquid plumber which is safe for a dishwasher?