The water in my master shower will not get hot unless I turn the water on in the bathtub also. The same goes for the sinks in the master bath. So every morning, I have to take a shower with the separate tub running at the same time. It seems as if there is not enough water flow to get/keep the water hot in the shower without the other source of water. Even when I have the bathtub running, the water in the shower gets hot but only when I have the hot water knob turned on all the way and the cold water completely off.
My husband noticed that when he took a shower with the washing machine running that the shower got really hot. We just bought this house a month ago and have been calling it "Money Pit" because of the lack of hot water, our heater just broke, and when it rains really hard water leaks into our dining room! Please tell me that there is an easy fix to the hot water problem! I hate taking lukewarm showers every morning and then going out to a house without a heater! I appreciate any suggestions :-)