This past weekend we flushed out our Hot Water Heater (Electric-Rheems). There was all sorts of crud in there, we got a bunch of sand out of it and some other stuff. We followed the directions from the Rheems site for draining the hot water heater.

The problem now is our hot water has a brownish tint to it. We really notice it when filling up the bathtub or against any white surface. We thought maybe we stirred something up and that it would settle out after a few days, but it hasn't. Did we do something wrong??

One thing I notice on other sites (not Rheems), they talked about a power flush where you run the cold water in after the hot water drains out, to flush the system out more. Is that something we should have done? Could that be the problem? We never had brown water before, but now it's all brown and it doesn't seem to be clearing up any, after sitting, or letting it run.

Any suggestions?? If I don't have to drain it again I would rather not, (our water bill is going to be outrageous as it is) but if that's the only option, please let me know.