I have a 2 year old renovated home with a well. Pressure was never really great in the house, but acceptable.

The well and line to the house is about 40 years old. Inside the house is a 2 yr old Amtrol xtrol pressure tank, which feeds a 2 yr old water softening system, which feeds a whole-house new water filter. All of the plumbing pipes (plastic tubing) and all of the fixtures are only two years old.

I replace the filter every 6 months or so, with no problems.

Last week I replaced the filter. Water pressure was the same as usual. About a day later we noticed a significant drop in water pressure and called our Well service company.

The gauge at the bottom of the amtrol tank in the house is now 22 psi.

The Well technician assumed a bad pump in the well, however when they checked it they said that the PSI at the well was 95 psi.

So now they said I probably have a bad pipe from the well to the house and I need to dig a trench etc etc.

Is there anything else I could check? Is it possible that replacing the pipe from the well to the house WON'T fix the problem?