Yesterday our very seasoned and experienced plumber came over to replace the washer in the kitchen sink because it was dripping. A newly installed bedroom faucet was leaking underneath the sink and my bathtub faucet has been dripping for a while. While the plumber was repairing the bedroom faucet the pipe under the bathroom sink downstair burst and put a 15 x 15 area under about two inches of water before we realized it, got his attention and the plumber was able to turn off the water from the city control knob.

He explained that my regulator had worn out over time causing the pressure to rise to about 90 and that caused the pipe in the downstairs bathroom to split. A $300 job turned into a $700 job and thousands of dollars worth of damage.

This is our third flood: Flood #1 - the waterhose on the back of the washing machine came loose during the rise cycle. Flood #2 - the toilet backed up. And here we are at flood #3. After doing a little research, I understand that high water pressure above 80 can cause problems.

Question: What are some basic (above general knowledge) plumbing guidelines for homeowners like myself who call a plumber and pay them dearly to handling plumbing needs?