We live in a 50 year old house (just moved in 6 months ago). The two downstairs bathrooms are located immediately next to each other. Never have had problems with either. We live in So California, where there's been plenty of rain and in the last 24 hours we've had a new storm, which cleared up by this afternoon. Tonight we noticed sewage backup in the showers of both bathrooms. We filled a sink in one of the bathrooms to bathe our baby. When we drained it, the toilet next to it started bubbling - making a glug glug sound and actually "burping water" out of the bowl. We flushed it. Big mistake. It overflowed onto floor (clean water) and then more yucky sewage water came up into showers. We are not handy so we've been on the internet. Everything points to a drain line problem. Is it possible that the problem is not ours, but the city's, since we've never had the problem before? Or is it definitely on our private line? If it's ours, do homeowner's warranties cover this kind of problem? Do our problems mean that we cannot use any of our bathrooms (we have another 1 upstairs) or washing machine or sinks etc. Is our water contaminated? Most importantly, how do we get this prob fixed?