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    Dec 28, 2016, 03:13 PM
    Grundfos hot water circulating pump 59896127
    I have a grundfos circulation pump model# 59896127 and it stopped running .I am sure the motor is burned out as it was hot until I disconnected the cord. Is this unit still available.What to do!
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    Dec 28, 2016, 04:22 PM
    Look at the plate of the pump. It will tell you what "head" your pump has ( those are usually 2 sets of numbers, like "15-29", or similar ). They make them in two connection types: flanges and Unions. Replace them with same type of connection and new pump will fit in the old opening without any modification. You can reuse existing electrical cord. To buy pump, you should go to a supplier that caters to professionals. They will have it in stock. You should be able to handle the installation yourself.

    Unplug the pump before you do anything. Don't forget to close main water valve and drain water from the plumbing system before you start disconnecting old pump. Some installers install shut off valves before and after pump. If that is the case, shuting-off these two valves should isolate the pump from the system.

    After the pump is installed, water turned on, and pump plugged in, you will have to "bleed" the return loop. Go to the most distant hot water plumbing fixture in the house, turn hot water ON and let it run for few minutes. Also, on front of the pump is a Air-Release screw. Unsrew it while the pump is running. Let it drip until you cannot hear air coming out and all you get is steady stream of hot water (from that button). Now you can tighten the button and pump should quite down. How water circulation was established

    Hope that helps

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    Dec 28, 2016, 04:27 PM
    Google says that pump is no longer available. Replace with any model or brand. To minimize plumbing work chose brand and model with same distance between plumbing flanges. If flanges are same size and distance apart, unbolt the old one and bolt in the new one.

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