Hello All

I had got a permit to extend my existing gas line to my kitchen so that I can change my stove from electric to gas. I got the plumber to get the new line to the kitchen. Once the new line was completed, I shutdown the values of the gas to other appliances in the house.

I got a new gas gauge to check if the gas line holds to 10PSI as per the code. When I plugged in the gauge to the new gas line and opened the main gas value, I checked with my plumber to see if there are any gas leaks using soap+water and there was no leaks on the new pipes.

But when I checked the gas gauge, it remained at 0 PSI. I pressed on the knob on the side of the gas gauge and I could smell the gas flowing into the gauge.

Can someone please tell me how to go about the gas pressure testing procedure that needs to be done for inspection?

I checked couple of discussions and I would like to confirm if my understanding is right.

1. Pump up the gauge to 10 PSI by injecting air via the small knob with the help of the hand pump (which we use for pumping air into the tires of the car or any other vehicle).
2. Once the pressure reaches 10PSI. close the knob and connect the gas gauge to the gas line (after shutting down the gas value)
3. Once the gauge is connected, open the gas value and check if the gauge holds steady at 10PSI for the next 10-15mins with the inspector onsite.
4. Check for leaks on the existing gas pipe for any leakages.

If these steps are right, how does the gauge remain at 10PSI, after I pumped air in it? I mean how do we know that the gas flow is keeping the 10 PSI and not the air I had previously pumped in via the air hand pump to keep it at 10PSI in the first place?

Please let me know your comments and thoughts and let me know your suggesstions.