Our home (in Northern Michigan) was built in 2002. We had no trouble with the well until last January when it stopped working. The well driller pulled the well (265 ft) and determined that the impeller stack at the bottom had failed. They replaced the 'stack' and everything worked fine for about a week and then stopped again.

They pulled the well again and determined it was frozen at the T that leads to the house. They thought possibly when they pulled the well the first time that all the water draining onto the ground around the well had driven the frost line deeper than normal. We left a stream of water running for several weeks and then turned it off during a warm spell. Temps got cold again and it froze up again. The T that leads to the house is 5 ft below ground!

Yesterday, the temps got down to 5 degrees with a wind chill of about -30. When we got home from work, there was no water. We were only gone 9-10 hours. The well driller returned today and it was frozen solid in the same place. He is completely mystified as to what could be causing this.

The only remedy he can think of is to dig it up in the spring and drop the supply line to the house down another 2 or 3 feet. In the meantime, we'll probably have to leave the water running all winter to keep it from freezing again. The strangest thing is that we never had a problem before they pulled the well the first time for the impeller problem.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this to freeze so far below ground and what we can do to remedy the problem?