I live in South Florida. I had all my bathrooms remodeled less than 6 months ago. When we first moved into the house my son's bathroom would smell bad (sewer) in the mornings. Eventually that went away. Now the problem is in my daughter's bathroom. At first the smell was in the mornings, then we noticed that it would become worse in when it rains. The heavier the rain the worse the smell is, which is severe. A couple of weeks ago I started leaving the tub 1/2 way filled, as well as the bathroom sink. That seemed to control the smell. A few days ago I left only the bathtub with water allowing the sink to remain without water. The smell came back after the rain. Last night I put water in the sink and tub and the smell was there... not as severe, but there.

I've had the septic tank cleaned. I had someone from roto-rootter come out, he suggested a smoke test. Someone else suggested the camera test. Some have said there could be a missing p-trap, but one of the plumbers said the problem would be constant if there were a missing p-trap.

Today I poured clorox in the drains, after a few hours I ran hot water for about 5 minutes. I do want to mention that when I went to the sink after a few hours after I had poured the clorox there was a black gunk around the rim of the drain... kind of like black chalk. I had to scrub it to get it to come out.

If the clorox doesn't solve the problem... I don't know what my next step should be? Do I do the camera? Or the smoke test?

Why is the problem only when it rains?:confused: