I recently had a toilet removed to replace the flange which was leaking. When it was reinstalled, I asked for a new handle since the old one was corroded. Since the new handle was put in the flapper will not go back down after it flushes. It just stands on end until you jiggle the handle. I have tried changing the length of the chain as well as its position on the handle, but neither works. I also noticed that I can wiggle the flapper a lot. The toilet is 38 years old, but we like it since it always flushed better than the new ones that have less water.

I also have another newer toilet which does not seem to flush right. It is a 1.6 gallon toilet, and when flushed, many times everything does not go down. I lifted the top to see what was wrong and noticed that the flapper goes down when only about half of the water empties from the tank. How do I fix this? Also, many times this toilet makes a noise like someone is flushing it. We can hear it when we are in bed at night. It will suddenly run for about 5 seconds then stop. Is this caused by the flapper also?