Hey guys,

I've always found toilet problems to be pretty easy to solve, but this one has me stumped... In a nutshell, the flapper closes way too soon and the toilet therefore does not flush completely, unless you hold the flusher down. I have set the slack in the chain to 1/4 inch, the flapper opens up as far as it possibly can (when the flusher is depressed, the top of the flapper is right up against the tube thingy), the valve is set so that the tank fills as high as it possibly can, no other mechanical problems are evident (at least to me as a layman), and all the parts inside the tank are brand new... (this is at my girlfriend's apartment and the landlord recently swapped everything out, hoping that the problem would be resolved). I don't know how old the toilet itself is, but it looks reasonably "current" (i.e. it doesn't look like it's 50 or 100 years old, or anything.)

Any thoughts on what to check? I know this may be hard to resolve sight unseen, so I'm happy to take some pics or email some video, if need be!

Thanks in advance!