I own a Condominium rentals unit that is occupied by a lady and her two kids. About 4 months ago the HOA installed individual water meters for each unit. The water bill for the complex is allocated by the water consumption of each unit. My bills have been running about $70/month compared to my home bill of about $45 (with a large grass yard that is watered). The meter shows water consumption of over 11,000 gallons/ mo. I have replaced the flapper valves on the toilets to be safe. When no water is being used, there is no movement in the meter, which would rule out a slab leak. I have asked the tenant to check the dial when landscape sprinklers are on, to see if somehow the sprinkler system could be hooked to my unit. The representative of the Water Submetering System said that the meters are always accurate, and in the event of a malfunction will always read lower, never higher. Is this true, or should I insist on a new meter? Thank you in advance for any advice.