Last year I sold my house and moved into an apartment which is about three years old. One of the things I really missed was having a sprayer attached to my kitchen sink. I bought a product on-line for about $20 and it worked well for about a year. L replaced the strainer in the faucet with this product which is about 6" long. You attach it just like the original strainer Then you can use the other end to rinse your sink. Recently, it started to leak between the faucet and this attachment. I took it off and the inside was rusty. I went to Home Depot and Lowe's and on-line to various businesses that sell faucets. None of them have a product like this. Does anyone have an idea where I could get something like this. The landlord does not allow me to replace the current faucet, so this seems to be my only option. Thanks for your help.