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    EXPERTS! How does The front Office Thing We're Doing?

    Asked Mar 15, 2012, 12:54 PM —

    This was posted by Ram. One of the owners.
    You probably know that your crew has singularly helped put AMHD as one of the
    Foremost resources for plumbing! And plumbing is just one of 400 categories we
    Have, and yet, it's the most active and successful! They absolutely deserve huge
    Credit for this.

    I know that we don't usually have the opportunity to converse directly with each because we're so busy doing our various things. And in the process, we end up effectively mis-communicating. This whole thing with the unanswered questions was an example of us not communication properly with you guys ahead of time and letting you know what we were trying to do.

    So, this message is more of an acknowledgment (and apology), for what I think was our inability to express that we didn't want to impose on you guys and instead it came across as us trying to do an end-run. Like I said to Tom on a thread about this topic, there is no way we could take you guys on! More importantly, Ask Me Help Desk functions simply because of what you guys put into it and we're here on your side trying to make things better (sometimes we get it wrong!). As you know, it truly is a community site.

    Ask Me Help Desk is an awesome plumbing resource on the Internet because of the amazing work you guys do on this site. I look at some of your profiles, answers and care you put in and I'm always amazed!

    This isn't flattery - its plain and simple borne out by the data. Plumbing is our largest category by # of questions. I just grabbed these results directly from our database so there's no sugar-coating or fluffy feel-good. The numbers speak loud and clear.

    | Category | Question | Answers |
    | Plumbing | 29436 | 133102 |
    | Heating & Air Conditioning | 25418 | 88787 |
    | Relationships | 21595 | 261943 |
    | Taxes | 17812 | 63397 |
    | Reported Posts | 16519 | 38149 |
    | Family Law | 16410 | 90601 |
    | Electrical & Lighting | 15971 | 70537 |
    | Cars & Trucks | 15264 | 56221 |
    | Movies | 13328 | 40481 |
    | Pregnancy & New Motherhood | 13223 | 66331 |

    As you can see, you guys simply kill it! Because we all know that you guys also pretty much own the second category - Heating and Air Conditioning!

    So, while there are always more problems to solve, more questions to answer and more people to help - you guys should pause to acknowledge how much your team has added to Ask Me Help Desk and its community-at-large!

    So thanks for everything you do and if there is ever anything you are concerned about or feel like things aren't what they should be, please PM so I can get to the bottom of it ASAP. That's the least I can do for you guys!

    Take care,

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