Over a month ago we started having excessive air in our water lines. You turn the faucet on and air comes out and water sputters. Flush the toilet and you can hear the water surging.
We had a Well company come out to check the system. Figured since we have lived here 13 years and never done anything, who knows. They came out and found that the metal well casing was excessively rusty and breaking apart at the top. Told us that it it was that bad at the top, most likely it was all the way down. They then tested the well and found there to be 2 leaks in the well casing one at 24 feet one at 58 feet. Also said that the pressure tank was not working. Gave us the choice of digging a new well ($15,000 or replacing the casing and needed parts $4200) Money is tight we opted for the less expensive route)
Said that the pump was working fine. They replaced the casing so we now have a 4 1/2 inch instead of 6 inch casing.
Now when we flush the toilet we still have the surge noise, turn on the faucet 50% of the time there is air and the surge. We now have cloudy water when it first comes out of the faucet, takes about 45 secs for the air to work out and water to be clear. We never had this problem before with the surging and air this is why we had the well guys out and spent the $4200. I did call to tell them that I was not happy with this and they came out and check the system, said that the check valve at the pump was not working. Said that they replaced it, no charge to us (that was nice I thought) well we still have the same problem.
ANY suggestions? I really feel that we spend $4200 for nothing! We have less water, due to the smaller casing, the noise going through the pipes drives me nuts, not to mention when the water surges and gets me wet when turning the facuet on.