I am not a very handy person, but have noticed a leak underneath my kitchen sink. I will try to describe what I see; I am hoping someone will be able to help me.

There is a garbage disposal going into a pipe, and there is also a smaller pipe hooked into this with the dishwasher drain connected to it via a hose clamp. The pipe then goes into a "U" shaped dip (the trap?), then back up slightly, and down into the floor.

The water is dripping from the bottom of the "U" shaped pipe, but I am unable to tell if there is actually a hole, or if the water is leaking out from somewhere else and dripping down the pipe. Nothing else feels or seems wet, and I don't see water leaking from anywhere - I also don't feel a hole or crack where the drip is coming from.

Is there any possible way I can fix this myself (I do know how to solder), or am I better off just hiring a plumber?