I want to install a washing machine in my furnace/water tank room but there is no easy drain path. However there's a drain hole/"well" dug in the concrete floor (about 1.25 cubic feet) with a sump pump in the well and there's constantly a small bit of water in this well which the pump actively drains out every couple of days. It drains by pushing water out of the well and UP a pipe that likely leads into the sewer system (or possible city storm drains -- I'm not sure). Is it possible to drain a washing machine into this hole and then have the sump pump push the water out of the house? My biggest concerns are:
1) Can you safely drain the washer into a well that has a sump pump?
2) Will soap suds be a problem (either for the pump, the hole, or the pipe?)
3) Will the amount of water from the washer overflow the 1.25 cubic foot drainage hole?
Are there any other issues that I should be aware of, and will an energy efficient washer (i.e. less water) be a better choice?