1.) What dia. Drain pipe is used for the shower/tub? 2" ? Is that ID or OD?

2.) What dia vent pipe is for the shower/tub? 2"?

3.) I'm going to put a vent in for the shower/tub in my basement. It starts at the slab then goes straight up about 7ft. And then does a 90 and then is running between the floor joists for about 6ft. Then there will be another 90 to have the vent go down the ext wall about 5" and then another 90 for it to run horizontal just under the joists for about 3ft and then another 90 where it goes down and then it taps into the toilet vent. Hope that isn't confusing. I have to do something like this becuase I can run it through the walls as they are 2x4's.

3a.) My question is... I read that there has to be a slight grade to the vent pipe to prevent condensation build up, is this true?

3b.) As I outlined above, can I do all these routings? Also, is there a max distance you can route away from the vent stack? or vent from the shower/tub?

4.) What is the diameter of the sewer drain/line below the basement floor running out to the street? 3"?

5.) If I'm going to connect my shower/tub drain (PVC) to the sewer line (Cast Iron), what type of fitting do I need. I know its going to be a 45 degree 7 plus one opening will have to be the size of the tub drain dia and the other two openings will be the sewer dia. How do you connect PVC to the Cast Iron?

6.) When connecting the shower/tub drain to the sewer drain, can the slope be greater than 1/4" every ft?

7.) Which is easier to install from a plumbing perspective, two handled faucet or single handled faucet for the shower?

7a.) Which one do you prefer and why?

8.) How many fixtures can be tapped into the main vent? I have two now and what to put a third.

9.) Which water supply valves do recommend so they seal the best and don't freeze up over time?

9a.) Gate valve, fixture shutoff valve, vacuum breaker?

10.) How many T's can you have off one water pipe line? I have two splits off it currently (one goes to the basement toilet and the other goes to the upstairs shower). I want to add a third? Would I lose water pressure?