Hi, I typed a whole thing and lost it so will start over. My son and I had a well drilled 20 years ago and piped water to our houses which are about 30 feet apart. Yesterday a couple different times I had dirt in my water. Today it cleared up pretty good but have heard noises in my basement like someone pounding on metal pipes. I ran the water for awhile and the gauge stayed the same and the water pressure remained very good.

My son has the pressure switch, etc. in his basement and he is not having any problems. My holding tank is light blue about 30 inches high and 50 inches around the outside. It has an orange cap at the top saying to the installer to check the air pressure. A label says the pump is powered by Franklin Submersible motor. Another label says Model # S50FM2-07-2 but I think it also refers to the motor.

At one time we were both getting dirt and we had the switch replaced. There is no shut off between the gauge and where the water pipe enters the basement. It would need to be shut off to replace the pressure gauge? Is it possible to drain out the dirt like I do with my water heater? I am a 71 year old woman, so forgive me if my questions seem stupid. Thank you.